Our History

Cutch Social & Cultural Society was founded in this country in 1969. When member of our Society first came to this country, many before 1969, found that the means to enjoy and promote our culture did not exist in this country. The aim of this society is to promote our culture, in particular to our youngsters in this country, who would otherwise get very little to no exposure to our rich culture. At the time Society was formed it had membership of about 150 families. Today we have nearly 500 families as members. The society organised its first Variety Show, which included a Gujarati play and Cultural dances on 6th October 1969 in Brent Town Hall. Profit from this show was donated to Royal London Society for the Blind. Since then we have organised numerous events to raise funds for many worthwhile causes.To date we have donated more than £180,000 (One hundred and eighty thousand pounds Sterling) to various charities for various causes.

The Society is run by volunteers who celebrates Diwali, Navratri and Kutchi New Year on regular basis. Society does not make any charge for member to attend these functions. It has a set Annual Membership fee per family and not individual. Any surplus funds are given to charity in this country and abroad. Charitable funds are allocated without any consideration of race or religion. Past contribution includes towards earthquake in India, Colombia and recently in Turkey, floods in Bangladesh, and human suffering in Kosovo. We also contribute regularly to local schools for mentally and physically disable children like Grove Park School and Harrow Mencap. We have also organised an awareness cum donation event in aid of Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust. In short we are a charitable organisation except being registered as such. This year on occasion of Kutchi New Year, we are organising “Ashadhi Beej Charity Mega Mela” on 1st & 2nd July 2000 at SKLP Community & Sports Centre at West End Lane, Northolt, in aid of (1)UK Thalassaemia Society, (2) Leukaemia Society (UK) and (3) Naz Project London an Aid awareness charity.There will be a multi-cultural entertainment show, funfair, food stalls, traditional Indian sports. Leukaemia Society will run a clinic to encourage volunteers to go on the register of potential bone marrow donors for victims of Leukaemia. Other two charities will endeavour to spread the awareness about their respective fields. Our society will bear the expense of organising this event from corporate sponsorships and internal resources, so all money raised during this event will be distributed to the above-mentioned charities without any deduction.

Map of Kutch (Gujarat)

This is the map of Kutch. It is situated on the West coast of India. There are lots of local towns and villages spread throughout Kutch.

The coast is not far, and is mainly used for fishing, and shipping docks. The largest part of Kutch is a desert known as “Rann of Kachchh” and most of the land is very dry so people and animals depend on rain water for drinking and farming.

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