Music Workshop

Music Workshop

The music for all our community events is provided by the CSCS Music Group. The group also hold music practices for those who would like to take part. If you are a young talented artist who is keen in playing an instrumental or is passionate about singing then you are welcome to join us at the music rehearsals and perform along side the music band.

Since 1968 when Cutch Social & Cultural Society started in UK, the group has provided music entertainment for all occasions i.e.; Navratri, Ashadi Beej, and Diwali Samelan. The music is provided purely on voluntary basis by the group. Approximately six years ago our youngsters felt that the quality and style of music that was provided at our functions was inadequate and outdated respectively. This led to youngsters loosing interest in these functions, particularly Navratri.

There were suggestions that perhaps we should be looking to hire external music groups to provide the music at our functions. After a long drawn out debate it was decided that the way to improve our music was not to hire external groups at a very high cost, but to provide facilities for our young talented members to improve their performance. This came about over a number of years ago, and at present live music at all our functions is provided by our dedicated members purely on voluntary basis, and is thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by the entire cross section of our members.

The society thanks all the musicians and the singers. We are encouraged by the numbers of our youngsters who now come forward to take interest in cultural music and be a part of the group.

The music practices starts around the month of March and are held on regular basis in preparation for the Navratri festival. Practices are held on Wednesdays at Rose House in Kingsbury between 7:30PM and 10:00PM.

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